Established in October 2000, PDC Healthcare was set up to provide a range of services to the health sector including: 

Supporting professionals and organisations in the health service to thrive in a changing environment.
Enhancing communication between healthcare professionals and communities
Empowering individuals to take responsibility for health related matters.
Enabling suppliers of goods and services to succeed in the changing Health Service environment.

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- Consortia Management & Development
- Treatment Management
- Prescribing Management
- Commissioning

- GP Strategy & Service Development
- Community Pharmacy Strategy & Service Development
- Public Health Service Development
- Secondary Care Strategy & Development

PDC Healthcare is a partner in a growing number of healthcare provider organisations, helping to deliver an expanding range of services and growing the value to patients, commissioners and providers.

PDC Healthcare provides a range of sales and marketing support services to the pharmaceutical industry, in four main solution groups:

1) Solutions4 Commissioning – establishment of partnership working between pharma and commissioners, formulary & funding facilitation, CCG development support.

2) Solutions4 Prescribing – formulary & funding facilitation, guidance review, HTA applications, procurement support

3) Solutions4 KOL – advisory boards and focus groups, product evaluations and assessments, developing KOLs, production of consensus documents

4) Solutions4 Pharma – peer research & data gathering, medical writing, product launch services (HTA applications, pricing & reimbursement, advance notification), medical affairs/regulatory/QP services, commercial services


Consultant vacancies



Resourcing solutions for clients in the health sector.

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For insider knowledge of the health service and expertise in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries call Miriam George on 01530 459761