SPOT Resourcing offers flexible and effective ways to resource tasks, projects and jobs 


This is a tried and tested methodology of temporary resourcing with the option to offer permanent employment. It is a proven way of reducing costs and improving return on investment. We have a pool of highly qualified and experienced people with a wealth of experience and a range of speciality knowledge. You can rapidly deploy the service to get key tasks completed, fill resourcing gaps and achieve business goals. These people are trained to contribute to your business right from the start of their deployment. They understand the dynamics of pharma and healthcare environments.

Excellent Strategists, Project Managers and Communicators are available for immediate start. Most are well known to us, so "tried and tested".
We offer prudent and accountable deployment of healthcare professionals and managers as consultants/employees. We have managed consultants and interims since 2000 we ensure they are honest, open and transparent in delivering real results.

The professionals you deploy from SPOT resourcing can get you connected to an extensive network of helpful contacts.